Haydn-Haus Eisenstadt


The Haydn-House is that former residential building of the great composer

and thus a historical and authentic venue. Joseph Haydn acquired the baroque house in 1766 as the princely bandmaster at Esterházy’s court and lived there for twelve years with his wife Maria Anna Theresia.

Nestled in the baroque town of Eisenstadt, the Haydn-House Eisenstadt is a jewel of Burgenland’s cultural history, but also a music heritage site of international relevance. The rooms are furnished with original furniture from the Haydn period, and the historic wall paintings were carefully exposed.

Here, the guests feel transported back to the Baroque period and the composer’s life, where Joseph Haydn lived, where he composed.


Haydn-Haus Eisenstadt
Joseph Haydn-Gasse 19 & 21 A-7000 Eisenstadt
+43 - 2682 719-6000