Hedema A / S is a fully equipped machine factory with all competencies within metalworking and 85 razor-sharp employees.But we are much more than that!

  • You get input for the construction of your item, so it becomes cheaper and faster to produce
  • You get sparring on the development work, so you save development hours yourself
  • You get lightning-fast turnaround time with automated processes

Sheet metal working

We are strong in all areas of sheet metal processing and supply machined components to many industries. We are your total supplier within sheet metal processing with lightning-fast changeover times.Read more about sheet metal processing

Laser cutting

We can handle most tasks in laser cutting. We perform laser cutting with precision down to 0.1 mm. We perform laser cutting in all metals, both single pieces and small and large series. 

Robot welding

Robot welding is our specialty. We have three robot welders for CO2 welding and tig welding. We supply all kinds of welding and welded components in all materials and dimensions.Learn more about robot welding

Machining / CNC machining

Machining / CNC machining: precise, careful and with fine tolerances. We have high-speed CNC machining centers with CNC milling machines and lathes, lightning-fast changeover times and high productivity.


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