The population is abaut 18 thousand people, of which 6 thousand live in Ignalina.

Ignalina district occupies an area of 1496 square kilometres (149.600 ha) of which:

Towns and villages take 32 thousand ha;

Industrial enterprises and roads – 3,6 thousand ha;

Agriculture areas – 60 thousand ha;

Forests – 50,6 thousand ha;

Water (lakes and rivers) –  14 thousand ha;

Other areas – 17,5 thousand ha.

On 23 January 1997, the Heraldry Commission under the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania approved the coat of arms and the flag of Ignalina District based on the drawing by Vaidilutė Grušeckaitė. The coat of arms and the flag feature three silver lilies with golden pollen positioned above one another on a blue background to symbolize pure natural beauty of the land of lakes.

 Since ancient times, Ignalina District situated in the eastern part of Lithuania is famous for its picturesque localities. Here we find on of the highest peaks in Lithuania – Būdakalnis and Nevaišiai hill. The land of Ignalina is adorned by over 200 lakes, several  tens of rivers and ponds.

       One third of the area is covered by forests. The largest park of Aukštaitija National park, fourteen regional parks and various reserves are found in the territory of the district. Ignalina is well known as the winter sports’ capital. Here the various winter sports’ competitions are organized. In the town and its suburbs various bicycle sport competitions take a place.

    Ignalina is a young city which history started in 1866 after building the railway line St. Petersburg- Warsaw. Today Ignalina is the administrative, educational and culturalcentre. In the 2007 the government passed a decision to award the status of a resort territory to Ignalina city, Strigailiškis and Palūšė residential localities. This status will promote the development of the image of Ignalina, enhance the flows tourists and visitors, promote the development of accommodation and other tourism services, enlarging the diversity of entertainment business, attraction of investment and other important changes. The future of Ignalina District is associated with the tourism development. With every year, new tourism and sports objects are opened in the district, attractive projects are realised which improve the living environment of the local people so make the land of Ignalina even more interesting.


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