Institut Saint-Julien Parnasse


The Institut Saint-Julien-Parnasse is a free Catholic secondary school.

The school also offers nursery and primary education for the little ones:

In terms of training, the institute pays particular attention to 3 levels:

  • First, through intellectual training to allow students to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for research and the pursuit of their projects and actions in the world.
  • Second, through a humanist and Christian formation in order to promote respect for others, confidence in each person’s possibilities, the sense of forgiveness, self-giving, lived solidarity, creativity and critical reflection.
  • Third, through social training to shape the personality of students and make them capable of acting in society while providing them with skills that will make them lucid, efficient and open citizens.


Institut Saint-Julien Parnasse
Avenue de l'Eglise Saint-Julien 22Brussels BE
+32 2 672 68 01