Interenergo is an international Ljubljana-based energy company and one of the largest of its kind in Slovenia. Since 2009, they have been part of the Austrian Kelag Group. Main activities include electricity tradingconstruction and management of energy facilities running on renewable energy sources (RES), and energy services.

The Interenergo Group comprises sixteen companies, which are headquartered in eight European countries. These companies are based in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Since 2009, Interenergo has been part of the Austrian Kelag Group, which is considered one of the leading renewable energy providers in Central Europe. In addition, it bundles the competences in hydroelectric power supply within the international RWE Group.

By following the trends of the future, the Kelag Group is adding solutions to its business model in the area of digitalisation, electromobility and smart technologies.


Interenergo, energy engineering, Ltd
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