Întorsura Buzăului

Întorsura Buzăului is a town in Covasna CountyTransylvaniaRomania. It administers three villages: Brădet (Bredét), Floroaia (Virágospatak) and Scrădoasa.

Geography and climate

The town is located at 750m altitude, in a depression, surrounded by Întorsurii, Ciucaș and Siriu Mountains. Due to its location, Întorsura Buzăului registers the lowest temperatures in Romania every year.

The town is located on national road DN 10 that links Brașov to Buzău. This road passes through the Carpathian Mountains and most of its length follows the Buzău River. There is also a railroad that links Brașov and Întorsura Buzăului which goes through a long tunnel (about 10 minutes) that crosses the Întorsurii Mountains.

Local festival

The Ciobănașul (English: Little Shepherd) Annual Festival takes place in Întorsura Buzăului on the first Sunday of September and lasts for two days. At the festival, visitors come from the town and the surrounding villages, and even from other counties. In 2006, Romanian President Traian Băsescu attended the festival. During the festival the attendants can consume Romanian traditional foods and drinks and are entertained with Romanian folk music.


Întorsura Buzăului
Mihai Viteazul, Nr.173, Județul Covasna 525300 ROMÂNIA
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