Jánosháza is a town in Vas county , in the district of Celldömölk . It is located in the eastern part of Vas County , in the southeastern part of Kemenesalja , in the Marcal Valley. Its eastern border is largely flat, descending towards Marcal, while to the west is the more hilly area of ​​the Wash Trench Valley. Much of the countryside is under agricultural cultivation, its watercourses are accompanied by meadows, while to the south, larger forests cover the landscape.

Main sights

Erdődy Castle or Erdődy-Choron Castle The first written mention of the castle dates from 1510 . In 1510, the king allowed Péter Erdődy ( nephew of Tamás Bakócz ) to surround his manor house with a wall and a ditch.

Roman Catholic Church

The church was built around 1734 instead of the former wooden church, which had been destroyed by then. In 1779 it was enlarged at the expense of the Erdődy family and rebuilt in the classicizing Baroque style. The straight-closed sanctuary of the Roman Catholic Church is narrower than the nave. Its curved ledge, tent-roofed tower rises from the façade only at bell level. The nave is covered by a three-part Czech glass vault, the sanctuary and sacristy by a Czech vault. On the west side there is a porch resting on two pillars. The main altarpiece is a baroque mural , which is Jesus portrays John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit as a dove above them. The also Baroque side altar to St. Francis of Assisithey claimed. The baroque statue of Christ and the patron saint of the church, St. John the Baptist, can be seen on the wooden cover of the shell-shaped stone baptismal font. The wall booth features a wooden Baroque statue of Pietà .


Jánosháza Joint Local Government Office
9545 Jánosháza, Batthyány u. 2.
+36 95 551-210