Jászkisér is a town in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, in the Northern Great Plainregion of central Hungary.


  • The old Reformed church was built in 1657, which was rendered unusable by the floods of the Tisza. The damaged building was rebuilt in 1758 in late Baroque style, its tower was built in 1770.
  • The old Catholic church was completed in 1773, but was demolished in 1905 to provide enough space for the congregation with an increased population by erecting a new church. The new Neo-Romanesque-Neo-Gothic building was completed in 1906.
  • The statue of St. John of Nepomuk , made in 1775, is the most valuable.
  • The World War I memorial, inaugurated in 1930, is the work of Ede Telcs .
  • The Rákóczi statue , handed over in 2003, is a gift from the Jászkisériek Friends Association.
  • A memorial plaque was dedicated to Lajos Kossuth, who was tried to win over the parliamentary representative of the settlement.
  • The 600th anniversary was also commemorated on a plaque on the wall of the Town Hall.
  • II. world war memorial: erected in 1991 . Dismantled in 2016. Signs of the heroic dead – temporarily – in the cemetery on the mortuary wall.
  • Balázs Csete Local History Collection: the farmhouse houses the ethnographic monuments of Jászkisér and the Balázs Csete Memorial Room.
  • House of Culture: Built in 1982 according to the plans of Imre Makovecz .
  • Former Kossuth Hotel: Built in 1906 in Art Nouveau style.
  • Mayor’s Office: Built in 1896 .

Returning events include Pentecostal Comfort Days, Heroes ’Day, the International Punjab Folk Festival, the Regional Final of the National Arable Competition and the Community Presentation of Folk Children’s Games from Father to Son. These occasions provide an experience for rural and descendant visitors, but also encourage the local community to come together.


By road with a 9 km connection (at Jászapátina ) , road 31 connects to the national network. The 32-inch main road Saxony Bere than those we leave approx. Available after 23 km.

Public road transport is provided by Volánbusz buses.
It can be reached by train on the MÁV railway line 86 (Vámosgyörk – Újszász – Szolnok) . The village has a train station and a stop. The name of the railway station is Jászkisér, and the stop is Jászkisér-Felső.


Jászkisér Város Önkormányzata
5137. Jászkisér, Fő út 7.