Javna ustanova Osnovna škola “Hasan Kikić”


The beginning of the work of schooling in the town of Gračanica itself is connected to September 13, 1886, when the first People’s Primary School was founded.

Today’s facility with 28 classrooms and cabinets, an extended hall, two new classrooms and a meeting room for teachers, mainly meets the needs for teaching and has an area of ​​3567 square meters. The school also includes two mixed classes for children with special needs from I to VIII grade, a regional four-grade school in Babići and a Parallel School for primary music education. The central school has 1334 students divided into 47 classes from I to VIII grade and four first grade classes that work according to the nine-year school program. Babići Regional School has 146 students divided into six classes from I to IV grade and one first grade class that works according to the program of a nine-year school. The central school has two mixed classes with special needs for 18 students. The parallel school for primary music education has 102 students from I to VI grade and preparatory grade, and the school teaches piano, accordion and guitar. Classes with 1,601 students are taught by 89 teachers, of which 5 are professors, 16 are mentors and 1 is an advisor. In addition to this number of teachers, the school has 19 other employees, which makes a total of 108 employees. In its work so far, the school has achieved notable results, both in the field of teaching and in extracurricular activities. There are numerous successes of the school in the overall evaluation of primary schools in the Doboj region to which the school belonged until the last war, and today in the Tuzla Canton.


Javna ustanova Osnovna škola "Hasan Kikić"
111. Gračaničke brigade br.2 75320 Gračanica
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