Jurisics Castle


Jurisics Castle, named after Croatian nobleman Nikola Jurišić is located in KőszegHungary. During the Habsburg-Ottoman warsPargalı İbrahim Pasha under the command of Suleiman the Magnificent laid siege to the castle in 1532. Jurišić and less than 1,000 men defended the castle for 25 days without any artillery, despite 19 assaults.

The inner castle can be reached by a two-hole brick bridge arching over the moat. Behind the gate, a trapezoidal inner courtyard welcomes visitors. The Renaissance corridor is a venue for temporary exhibitions and the Knight’s Hall for cultural events. The south and east wings house the Castle Exhibition: Centuries of the Kőszeg Castle, Golden Room, Crown Room, Landlord’s Table, Armory. At the entrance to the inner courtyard of the castle, turn right and you can get to the Medicinal and Spice Garden and the Nature Shop.


Jurisics Castle
9730 Kőszeg, Rajnis u. 9.
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