Kadaň Hospital


Kadaň Hospital provides medical services for the catchment area of ​​Kadaň, Klášterec nad Ohří, Vejprt, Radonice and partly in the Žatec and Podbořany regions.

The hospital was built and opened in 1978 as a very modern monoblock, which contains 17 main parts. The whole area is fenced, the prepared area occupies a total area of ​​56 thousand m 2 , of which the usable area is 27 132 m 2 .

The hospital provides inpatient care in the fields of internal medicine (including ICU), surgery (including ICU), orthopedics, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, urology, ARIM and currently has a capacity of 230 beds. All departments are equipped with above-standard equipment and staffed for quality client care. In recent years, with the help of sponsors, the hospital has built above-standard rooms in each ward, thus enabling the client to choose a comfortable treatment in a hotel environment. The maternity hospital is conceived as an Active Childbirth Center with a predominance of above-standard rooms, top equipment, home environment, comprehensive staff care and is often sought after by clients outside the catchment area of ​​the facility.
Surgery in all fields is concentrated in a fully air-conditioned block of central operating theaters with an emphasis on modern methods of surgery with a wide range of procedures and an emphasis on laparoscopic procedures and complex orthopedic surgery, including large joint replacements.

In the outpatient services segment, Kadaň Hospital offers care in specialist outpatient clinics: internal medicine (general internship, cardiology, diabetology), surgical, orthopedic and trauma clinic (with non-stop service), in a general practitioner’s office, occupational physicians, pediatric, urological and others. At the same time, it provides premises for the operation of other professional private outpatient clinics, including a rehabilitation department and dental services. There is a pharmacy in the area of ​​the polyclinic.

Kadaň Hospital has modern ambulances with which it is able to provide medical transport, especially in the catchment area, but also, if necessary, throughout the country.

In the field of diagnostics, the Kadaň Hospital has a modern radiodiagnostic department with the possibility of comprehensive X-ray diagnostics, including a set of ultrasound methods, CT examination. The Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology enables comprehensive laboratory services, including the operation of a blood warehouse, at its workplace and with the equipment of modern biochemical, hematological and immunological analyzers. The hospital is also equipped with an endoscopic outpatient clinic with the possibility of a wide range of fibroscopic examinations.
The high professional quality of the care provided is continuously ensured by the training of all employees, cooperation with other medical entities and specialized workplaces, and investments in modern methods and equipment.

Our team of qualified doctors, nurses and support staff is ready to sensitively, considerately, with understanding and especially professionally solve your health problems that may bring you to our hospital. In your treatment, we will use all the latest knowledge of medical science, nursing procedures, the knowledge of our experts and modern equipment available to our hospital. If necessary, we will ensure the continuation of your treatment or special examinations at the clinical workplaces of the teaching hospitals with which we cooperate.


Kadaň Hospital
Golovinova 1559 Kadaň 432 01
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