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Dear Care is an alternative to the municipal home care in several municipalities. We are approved for personal care, practical help, nursing services and additional services. Since 2007, Kære Pleje has provided home help to citizens in Jutland and Funen. We are determined that you get the absolute best home care and care, where you and your needs are put at the center of the perfect interaction between you, your family and Dear Care.

We offer skilled staff who are passionate about the subject and want to provide the good experience of getting help at home.

As a citizen at Kære Pleje, you will be assigned a contact person, and will be associated with a team of permanent staff, with the aim of minimizing the amount of replacements in the home. Home care is often a very private matter, requiring respect, commitment and the ability to provide professional care. We take pride in adding life to the years and creating well-being and security, both for citizens and not least their relatives.


It is the staff that ensures that the joy of life continues to flow freely among the citizens. The respect, commitment and care of our staff is the driving force in our daily work and forms the pulse that continues to propel us forward and support the belief in what we do. Here, the human being, relationships and well-being are at the center. The goal is for citizens as well as staff to feel good. It is about providing space for individuality and diversity and about creating a good and flexible work environment for employees. Happiness and satisfied employees result in satisfied citizens with quality of life.


Personal care can consist of either rehabilitative for self-care or lasting compensatory help, in the field of personal hygiene, dressing, and help with meals.

It can range from help with a bath and to total care with help for all personal care and nursing needs, as well as terminal care 24 hours a day.

Our employees are trained to solve all types of personal care. We have skilled staff, nurses, social and health workers and assistants, educators and nurses.

It is the individual municipality that decides what type of care tasks we as a private supplier must handle. In Dear Care, it is of great importance to have a good dialogue with the municipalities, to ensure important information between us and the municipality is not lost. Therefore, regular meetings are held between the municipalities and us regarding. cooperation.

Dear Care is approved to provide visited help to citizens – and thus we can also offer extra services under the home service scheme.


Practical assistance can include either rehabilitative or lasting help with cleaning, laundry, shopping and special efforts.

They have the opportunity to be examined for practical help. It is the visitation in your municipality that visits the help. Practical help can, for example, consist of help with cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, floor washing and more, and help with ordering goods as well as arranging mail and money matters.

Once you have agreed with the visitation that it is Dear Care who will perform the help, you will be contacted by one of our employees and together you will agree when the practical help will be performed.

We strive for the same team of helpers to provide the practical assistance. Should any delays or changes occur, we will do our utmost to keep you informed.

In addition to the visited services that you receive from the municipality, you also have the opportunity to purchase additional services.


We have professionally trained staff, which Social and health assistants, Social and health assistant, educators, nurses etc.

Nursing services, can consist of e.g. wound treatment, oxygen treatment, compression treatment, ostomy care, catheter care, change of pain patches, insulin administration, blood pressure measurement, mental support, as well as terminal care 24 hours a day.


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