The city of Kapfenberg nestles in forested surroundings and offers a remarkable array of outdoor and cultural activities. Short transit routes make Kapfenberg attractive as you can get out into the beautiful countryside within 5 minutes.

Kapfenberg is the third largest city in StyriaAustria, near Bruck an der Mur. The town’s landmark is Burg Oberkapfenberg. Its main employer is the steel manufacturer Böhler.

The landmark of Kapfenberg, Castle Oberkapfenberg not only hosts an exhibition “Frontier Crossings – a journey through time with crusaders and alchemists” but also entertains visitors with a Birds of Prey Show. The castle is home to an annual Knights’ Festival and a season of events called “Chill Hill” in the summer, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views accompanied by good music and excellent food.

Kapfenberg is resort town, has important steelworks, and manufactures cable, chemicals, and building materials. In the late 20th century Kapfenberg modernized and expanded its retail and service businesses.

The town has a swimming complex, a football stadium (Franz Fekete Stadium) used by the club Kapfenberger SV, and an ice rink. The Kapfenberg Bulls is a team in the Österreichische Basketball Bundesliga, the highest professional basketball league in Austria.

In 1970, Kapfenberg hosted the European Team Chess Championship, which was won by the Soviet Union.

Starting from Kapfenberg, vacationers will find hiking trails such as the Wulfingweg, Keltenweg or the tour from Oberkapfenberg Castle via the pilgrimage site Frauenberg-Maria Rekogelauf to Rennfeld. Tip: Experience the sunset with a view of the Hochschwab mountain range at the pilgrimage site.

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