Karađoz-begova medresa


Karadjoz-beg’s madrasa is a madrasa founded by the famous waqif of Mostar, Karadjozbeg, otherwise the brother of the Grand Vizier Rustem Pasha (1544-52, 1554-61). It was founded in 1557, and its work was renewed in 1995. The old madrasa building is located in the Karadjoz-beg Mosque Complex in Mostar and is protected as a national monument.

A new school building is being built near the boarding school located in the North Camp in Mostar.

Famous students

Mustafa Ejubović, known as Sheikh Jujo
Abdullah ef. Ridjanovic, former Mostar mufti
Ahmed Shaqir ef. Dzabic, former Mostar mufti
Sidki ef. Karabeg, former Mostar mufti


Karađoz-begova medresa
Maršala Tita 162, Mostar 88000, BiH
+ 387 (0) 36 550 920