Karlovy Vary Regional Hospital


Our visions

Economic stabilization while maintaining the quality of health care provided.

Our mission

The basic mission of the company is to provide acute and follow-up, inpatient and outpatient health care for patients from the residents and visitors of the Karlovy Vary region, in basic, specialized and super-specialized fields, to the maximum extent, quality and availability.

Our goals

Ensure quality and affordable health care for maximum patient satisfaction.
Create a motivating and friendly work environment for work teams in order to strive for the highest possible satisfaction, professional self-realization and teamwork.
Use an interconnected information system in the interest of effective company management and perfect information.
To develop the company in the form of construction and reconstruction of new and existing operating areas, restructuring of the bed stock.
Introduce new diagnostic methods and treatments to ensure an economic balance between income (health insurance companies, direct payments, subsidies, donations) and health care costs.

Our values:

  • top level and quality of provided services,
  • communication and information,
  • ethics and empathy,
  • human resources development and education,
  • effective management of modern technology.


Karlovy Vary Regional Hospital
Bezručova 1190/19, 360 01 Karlovy Vary
354 225 111