Keszthely is the center of the Keszthely district, located in Transdanubia , in Zala county , in the western corner of Lake Balaton, with a lively tourism , an important economy , a significant history and culture .

Due to its favorable location and accessibility by both road and rail, Keszthely and the surrounding area is a preferred holiday destination.


  • Festetics Castle (Helikon Castle Museum)
  • Lake Balaton Museum
  • Georgikon Major Museum
  • Keszthely Pantheon
  • Marzipan Museum and Confectionery
  • Mikus Gallery
  • Keszthely Ethnographic Museum – Panopticon – Snail Parliament
  • Radio and TV Museum
  • Keszthely Synagogue
  • Cadillac Museum 
  • Surber Museum of Music and Phonography 
  • Balaton Wines House
  • Bacchus Wine and Winemaking Equipment Museum
  • Downtown Parish Church
  • The birthplace of Júlia Szendrey in Szendrey
  • In the bottom steppe the ruins of the Roman Valcum
  • Fenékpuszta Bird Migration Research Station
  • Baby Museum
  • Railway History Museum
  • Near the southern border of the town, the reedbed of Kis-Balaton begins
  • The National Blue Tour passes through the settlement .

The foundation stone of the Basilica Minor was laid in May 1927 . 1938 . consecrated on May 22 by Piazza Adeodata, Venetian – Carmelite – patriarch. The year 1930 suggests that some of the Carmelite monks may have moved in that year.


The city is the cultural center of the area. In addition to the Helikon library, there is also a municipal library in the city. The collection of the Helikon library was created by the Festetics family. Among the books are several old encyclopedias and old prints.

The Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia operates in the city .

The city hosts several cultural events each year, some of which are organized in the ballroom of Festetics Castle . It has its own congress center and theater.

In 2011 Keszthely- Classy Festival and Master called unique international classical music festivals and master classes held in the area, including Sylvia Sass , Andrea Rost , László Fassang , Eric Herrero and the festival’s leading Balint Natalie in collaboration. Despite the success, no continuation is expected yet.

Since 2013, an international club festival has been held in the city every early September.


Mayor Bálint Nagy
+36 83 505 504