Kibe Mahala


Offering stunning panoramic views on Sarajevo, Kibe Mahala offers a selection of the finest Bosnian national dishes, whereof the famous spit-roasted lamb, and a wide assortment of wines from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Over the years, this widely known establishment has welcomed prominent figures from all over the world and representing all spheres of the society: statesmen and politicians, representatives of international organisations, artists of international renown, and many others.

Contribution to this reputation also comes from kind staff whose always ready to meet the wishes of every guest.

A pleasant meal in seven different parts of the restaurant and a view of Sarajevo, is enriched by two guitarists with music and song at the guests’ request.

Our wines are served in Riedel glasses and our meat is exclusively from domestic breeding.

Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.


Beside its famous gourmet restaurant, Kibe Mahala offers its guests a very comfortable and luxurious accommodations designed in the spirit of the traditional and cosy Bosnian architecture. Free WiFi and other necessary facilities are available in all accommodation units.


Kibe Mahala
Vrbanjuša 106 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 441 936