KOERS (museum)


RACE , formerly WieMu , is a museum in the Belgian city of Roeselare . The museum’s baseline is ‘Museum van de Wielersport’ and is dedicated to the history of cycling and cycling . 

The museum offers an overview of the historical evolution of cycling in all its facets. The core collection consists of the bicycle collection. The history of the bicycle, of the balance bike and the first velocipede over the high biand pedal bicycles to modern bicycles with professional bicycles, recreational bicycles and racing bicycles are discussed in the old party hall of the building. In addition, there is also the open viewing depot where most of the historic racing bikes can be found. In the first years of the museum, this was the core collection of the then National Cycling Museum. Over the years, the emphasis has increasingly shifted to cycling itself. In addition to bicycles, the collection also includes a lot of cycling trophies and memorabilia, cycling clothing, posters, etc.

One of the rooms is completely dedicated to the local cycling hero Jean-Pierre Monseré, who died in a race as world champion in 1971. The old party hall of the Arsenaal has been renamed ‘Hall of the World Champions’ as a reminder of the 4 local world champions in cycling.

KOERS has an extensive documentation center about cycling, including many photos, newspapers, cycling and sports magazines, competition brochures and cycling archives. It regularly publishes or collaborates on publications such as exhibition catalogs or thematic books about cycling. Since 2012 it has published an annual cycling history magazine ‘Etappe’.


KOERS (museum)
Polenplein 15 8800 Roeselare
051 26 24 00