Kolding Realskole


Kolding Realskole was founded on 1 April 1890 by Henrik Egeriis Christensen-Dalsgaard and is thus among the oldest secondary schools in the country.

The school was located in Langelinie and initially had eight students. It could be recognized on the green gate, on which was written in neat writing “REALSKOLEN”.

Henrik Egeriis, called “OLD” and his wife Alba, “MOSTER”, led the school until 1940, when they retired and left the school to Lau and Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard. During their period, the “Døtreskolen” in Kathrinegade was bought to house the many students.

In 1951, Lau died suddenly, and Karen, called “MOSTER KAREN”, continued the school with the skilful assistance of Inspector E. Munch.

In 1956, Solveig and Bent Christensen-Dalsgaard took over the school, which at the time was privately owned, and they managed it with great skill through the sixties and seventies, until in 1977 they chose to donate the school to the independent institution “KOLDING REALSKOLE”.

In this connection, they exchanged stomachs with the municipality and took over the old technical school in Vesterbrogade and thus got the school together.

In 1987, the board of Kolding Realskole handed over the management to Kirsten and Peter Christensen-Dalsgaard, when Solveig and Bent wanted to retire.

In 1990, the school bought the hall (the old bubble hall) and the IOGT building.

Vesterbrogade 8 was bought in 1995 and until October 2016 housed the after-school program.

Through negotiations with Vejle County and Kolding Municipality, it succeeded on 1 April 1999 in repurchasing the Døtreskolen. The daughter school today houses part of the school’s superstructure classes.

In 2008, Vesterbrogade 10 was bought, which i.a. houses the school’s ACT and volunteer music.
In 2009, Katrinegade 9 was purchased, which in 2011 was converted into 12 new classrooms for the superstructure.

In 2015, the board hired Dorte Svane Peschardt as school principal when Kirsten and Peter Christensen-Dalsgaard wanted to retire.

After five years as headmaster, Dorte Svane Peschardt wanted to seek new challenges, and the board therefore hired Wilhelm Hallum as headmaster per. September 1, 2020.


Kolding Realskole
Vesterbrogade 6, 6000 Kolding
7552 0500