Kolín Regional Hospital


The Kolín Regional Hospital has long focused on the quality of care provided.
Its program to increase the quality and safety of services provided serves to more effectively assess patient needs, make the most reasonable use of resources and minimize risks for staff and patients.

Methodical guidance in the area of ​​health care quality management is provided by the ONK quality manager.

The Quality Council ensures effective supervision of increasing the quality and safety of services, sets priorities in the implementation of the quality management system within the ONK and evaluates the effectiveness of newly proposed or changed procedures.

Office hours

You can find the office hours in the section of the given department, mainly in the “outpatient section” tab.

(For patients ward – selection of the ward outpatient department )

Visiting hours

The patient has the right to the presence of a close person, provided that this does not disrupt the course of providing health services or create an epidemiological or other risk. Visits are required to take into account the privacy of other patients and to respect the principles of decency and civic coexistence. Follow the instructions of the medical staff.


Kolín Regional Hospital
Žižkova 146 280 02 Kolín 3
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