Komádi is a town in Hajdú-Bihar County , Berettyóújfalu District .


  • The comedy fair:

According to known sources, in 1891 the first fair was held in the village. The fair soon became well-known, as not only everyday tools were sold, but also buyers could buy animals. The fairgrounds were full at almost every fair, and buyers and traders also came regularly from Transylvania . The fair soon outgrew itself from the fairgrounds. (Thus, in its place, the Miklós Horthy Folk High School and Folk High School was built in 1938. Teachers’ flats, dining rooms and dormitories were also created there. It was the first such institution in the country.) So the fair was moved to a huge pasture between the Mill and the dam. Eventually, from 1939 , it became the final venue of the Komád fair, which is often mentioned in films and books as well.

  • The TV tower

The Komád TV Tower was built in 1968 and has an official height of 185.5 meters. It is one of the tallest reinforced concrete structures in Hungary. The base of the tower is a concrete slab with a depth of 5 meters and a radius of 21.5 meters, which ensures the stability of the entire structure. With its participation, the digital and analogue radio-television broadcasting coverage of Eastern Hungary will be realized.


  • The hemp factory

Founded in the 1800s , the factory changed hands several times, closed and reopened. Over time, several factories have been added. The “Hemp Spinning Factory” later also produced furniture boards. The factory worked well, a secure job for the village. It employed roughly 600 workers in the ’80s. However, due to its indebtedness, it closed in 1992. The factory was liquidated for less than 10% of its value.

  • Varroda

In 1991 , due to the closure of factories and jobs, a sewing shop was built in the village, employing more than 700 young people on modern machines.

  • Mill:

There were several mills operating in the city, such as windmills, steam mills, rolling mills. They were used to grind crops, there were power generators and even brick burners. Today, none of these are operational.


  • Reformed Church (Heroes’ Square): Built in 1839 on the site of the former burnt church. The equipment is also from the 19th century.
  • 1848 – 49 monument: the work of sculptor Lajos Győrfi
  • Antenna Hungária Rt Komádi TV station: officially 185.5 meters high. One of the tallest reinforced concrete buildings in Hungary.
  • The Sebes-Körös.


Komádi Municipality
4138, Komádi, Hősök tere 4