Kortrijk 1302


Kortrijk 1302 is a museum in the Begijnhofpark in the Belgian city of Kortrijk . The multimedia museum is located in the Groeninge Abbey and deals with the myths surrounding the Battle of the Golden Spurs , the historical battle that was fought on the Groeningekouter in Kortrijk on 11 July 1302. The museum tells you all you need to know about the battle and its causes and consequences, and explains how the date became symbolic for the Flemish Movement in the 1800s and 1900s.

In the museum you will find, among other things, pictures, video fragments, statues, coins, helmets, weapons, armor, newspapers, paintings, etc. An audio guide can be used during the visit . The horse pendant of Guy van Namen is also kept here.

The museum is a realization of the city of Kortrijk, Kortrijk 1302 and the Municipal Museums of Kortrijk. It has received financial support from the European Community , the Flemish government , the Flemish Parliament , tourism Flanders and the Province of West Flanders. 

In addition to the permanent exhibition about the Battle of the Golden Spurs, temporary exhibitions are also regularly organized.


Begijnhofpark (Parking Houtmarkt) 8500 Kortrijk
+32(0)56 27 78 40