Koudela Fountain


The decoration of the square is also a stone baroque sandstone fountain, in the middle with a statue of the ancient god Triton with his attributes, dolphin and seashell. In front of it, this function was probably performed by a late Gothic fountain into which a medieval city water supply, one of the first in Bohemia, probably opened. The owners of the town, the lords of Lipá, allowed the mayor Michal to establish a significant technical work by a document dated 26 June 1362.

The perfect water supply system was built by an expert in water mining works from silver mining. We don’t have that much information about the younger fountain. Its origin dates back to the 18th century (1704 – 1795). We do not know the author of the sculpture, but according to a similar fountain in Jihlava, it is attributed to the sculptor Jan Václav Prchal (1744 – 1811). We also do not know how Koudelova came up with the name, it was always referred to as “stone”. Only in Brod’s legends does the dishonest baker Koudela appear, who had to put it up as punishment. We can only assume


Koudela Fountain
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