Kozármisleny is a town in Baranya county, Hungary. It is south-east of the city of Pécs.

Kozármisleny is currently going through a period of growth and development of infrastructure. The town has restaurants, pension lodgings, two confectioneries, two bakeries and SPAR shops, two pharmacies, as well as dentists and adult and children doctor’s offices. The population has also grown. In the 1970s there were 2000 people living in Kozármisleny, now the population is 5579. The President of the Republic of Hungary declared it a town on 1 July 2007, becoming the 13th town of Baranya County.

The town has a community centre. The Janikovszky Éva General Community Centre came into existence with the unifying of the nursery, the kindergarten, the primary school, and the library.

In the town there are two catholic churches and a reformed church. The original Roman Catholic church of the village was consecrated in 1971. Inside this church is a statue of St Margaret of Scotland. The second Roman Catholic church, built as a part of the convent, belongs to the St Francis of Assisi Sick Nurses. Its construction began in 1993 and was consecrated on 31 March 1997, to St Nicholas of Flü (Klaus Ruder, patron saint of Switzerland). The designs were made by Ottó Vince, an architect living in Pécs.

Several local associations and civil organizations work in Kozármisleny. These are active in organizing the town’s feasts, competitions and folk dance meetings.

The town celebrates its day on 6 September. Awards are given on this day.

East of Kozármisleny, there is a mediumwave broadcasting station working on 873 kHz with 20 kW using a 133 metres high guyed mast radiator as antenna.


  • Kozármislenyi Reformed Church-Building Foundation
  • Nurses of St. Francis of Assisi
  • Life Chance Autism Assistance Association
  • Diabelli Arts and Education Foundation
  • Cultural and Leisure Sports Public Benefit Association
  • Gergely Józsa Folk Dance Association
  • Kozármislenyi German Nationality Association
  • Kozármislenyi Retirees for Each Other Association
  • Naši Ljudi Croatian Nationality Association 
  • Veteran Car and Motorcycle Friends Association
  • Tornado Dance and Sports Association
  • Petőfi Fishing Sports Association
  • Pirouette Sports Association
  • Kozármisleny Sports Association
  • Szigeti Oktávia Foundation for Dance
  • Rotary Club Kozármisleny Association
  • Kozármislenyi Civil Guard Association
  • T-FITT Sports Association
  • Kozármislenyi German Nationality and Art Lovers Association


7761 Kozármisleny, Pécsi utca 124.