Since 2003, it has been operated by the Krnov Synagogue Civic Association as an exhibition, concert and lecture hall. In 2005, the reconstruction of the towers was completed. Documents from the period of its construction were found here. In 2014, an extensive reconstruction was completed. Since 2020, the Spolek u synagogy synagogue has been operating

It is a unique synagogue in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as it is the only one with two towers and is built in the Moorish style. It is the only accessible synagogue in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

A memorial plaque on the south side of the synagogue commemorates the original purpose of the building and the memory of the Holocaust victims in Krnov.


The first surviving reports of Jews staying in the city date from the 14th century. During the reign of George Hohenzollern in the 16th century, the Jews were expelled. In the 17th and 18th centuries, only a few Jewish families lived here on a special permit. Most Jews came to Krnov from nearby Osoblaha, after the revolution in 1848, when the community was restored.

The synagogue was built in 1871 by the builder Ernest Latzel on the site where the walls used to be and where the city ended. The Jewish cemetery was founded in 1873 and is located on Opavská Street. The total cost of building the Krnov temple reached 26,000 gold coins, of which Emperor Francis Joseph himself contributed 500 gold coins. In 1898, an organ from the local company Rieger was installed in the synagogue. They disappeared after 1945.

This building was used for services by Jews from Krnov and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, it served this purpose only until 1938, when the Sudetenland was annexed to Nazi Germany. The surrounding synagogues were destroyed. This synagogue was also to be destroyed. However, since it had served for some time for the NSV (National Socialist Care for the Welfare of the People, which was one of the components of the NSDAP), it was evicted by members of the SS and then to be burned. As the action was postponed due to clearing, the burn no longer took place. At least Jewish symbols were removed from the synagogue, and due to the synagogue’s convenient location near the city center, the city council decided to adapt the synagogue to the city market. Thanks to this act, the synagogue has been preserved.

Jews have played an important role in history, as many of them were very wealthy citizens, owned factories, employed people, and cared for the prosperity and well-being of the city. Well-known names included, for example, Alois Larisch – a trained draper, later an important factory owner.

After the war, the building served as a warehouse and since 1960 as the seat of the State District Archive. In 1994, the synagogue was returned to the Jewish community of Olomouc. A memorial plaque on the south side of the synagogue commemorates the original purpose of the building and the memory of the Holocaust victims in Krnov. The flood in 1997 severely damaged the synagogue.

Part of the benches from 1897 comes from the Olomouc synagogue. It served the needs of the faithful in a small church in Olšany near Olomouc. The civic association Krnovská synagoga obtained funds for this very valuable ensemble through a project with the symbolic name “70 places – 70 destinies”.


The skeleton of the building represents a Byzantine basilica. The interiors are Arabic-Spanish, which ranks the synagogue among the most valuable buildings. The synagogue is 24 meters long, almost 17 meters wide and the height of the twin towers reaches 22 meters. The building has three entrances. The main entrance is from Barvířská Street, the side is from the southeast tower and the back is from the garden. The door in the eastern façade to Soukenická Street is only a decorative element of the portal and does not have a functional character.


  • Regular guided tours always take place throughout the hour. At another time of the tour without a guide.
  • Exhibition “Jewish industrialists, entrepreneurs and inventors”, whose activities and inventions significantly contributed to the development of science and technology.
  • VIP tours
  • Guided tours of Krnov entitled: “In the footsteps of the Krnov Jews”
  • Sale of souvenirs and kosher food.


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