Kutná Hora Hospital


The hospital in this form was built in the years 1938–1944, when the new hospital wing was added to the old hospital wing by the Prague architect Adámek, originally the infectious pavilion nearby was rebuilt into a children’s ward. Today, these buildings form the Kutná Hora hospital, to which a building with outpatient care has been added in modern times. Our city is already known for its ancient historical and cultural past. It is enough to name only the period of the Middle Ages and everyone will remember silver mining and the minting of silver groschen, from the cultural past the names of JK Tyl and others. Currently, the city is one of the most visited monuments in Central Europe, included since 1997 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kutná Hora Hospital is owned by the Central Bohemian Region and is operated by the Kolín Regional Hospital, as, the Central Bohemian Region Hospital . In addition to the 22,000 inhabitants of the town of Kutná Hora, the hospital also serves as a natural catchment area of ​​the area with at least another 33,000 inhabitants. The hospital complex is located near the main road Kutná Hora – Prague, it has an important location not only by its ecological and transport location, but also its quiet zone, of which it is a part.

At present, the hospital provides services in two basic acute inpatient fields. These are surgical and internal departments, including all necessary complement services (anaesthesiology and resuscitation department, radiodiagnostics department, clinical biochemistry and hematology department, rehabilitation department). The hospital also has a department for LDN and social beds. Directly in the hospital complex there is a rescue and emergency service, a heliport and a number of specialized clinics from both the hospital and private spheres. For patients hospitalized in the hospital, there is an outpatient clinic for gynecological counseling and a second gynecological outpatient clinic is in the town of Sázava.

In 2002, the extension of the hospital was completed, including operating theaters, a multidisciplinary intensive care unit, emergency admission, central sterilization, a computed tomograph, ultrasound examination rooms and admission to the internal department. In the spring of 2009, the modernization of LDN was completed, and in April 2010, a modernized pharmacy was opened.


Kutná Hora Hospital
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