Kysucké Nové Mesto

Kysucké Nové Mesto is a town in Žilina RegionSlovakia, near the city of Žilina.


The first signs of settlement

In 1976 under Stránsky vrch, there were lumps of burnt clay and ceramics found, which highlighted the settlement in this area. The archaeologists date the acquired material back to the La Tène Age. These findings are now stored in the Manor-house of Radoľa located near Kysucké Nové Mesto

Middle Ages

The first mention of the city

The town is mentioned for the first time in 1254 (under the name Jesesin, in the Bela’s IV donation treaty). In 1321 lachasin is mentioned as a place where toll is collected. The privileges of a town with a market law were given the city (under the name Congesberg) in 1325. In 1358 the name of Nova Civitas (Nové Mesto – New Town) is already used. The inhabitants were mainly engaged in agriculture, sheep breeding, trade and handcraft.

Modern Period

The town in the 19th century was falling due to the floods (in 1813, 1821), the fires (1823, 1904), but also due to the large expatriation in the whole region. After the fire in August 1904, only 30 homes remained in the city. The economic development of the city took place after the Second World War.

The Kysucké Nové Mesto developed mainly the engineering industry.

The relationship with Austro-Hungary was expressed by inhabitants during the WWI in the Riot in Kragujevac (June 2, 1918).

In World War II people fought with German occupation forces not only in Slovakia in the Slovak national uprising, but also in European struggles, contributing to the defeat of fascism.

Contemporary period

Kysucké Nové Mesto has been making its present form for centuries. The biggest and fastest changes occurred after World War II.

The importance of the town increased after the year 1950, when the Závody presného strojárstva (later ZVL) were created. The company provided work to thousands of people and started significant changes in the town.

New housing estates, schools, offices, shops, sports facilities were created. Kysucké Nové Mesto has a built infrastructure that is currently being improved to meet the needs of its residents and visitors.


Kysucké Nové Mesto
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