About the clinic

Lægehuset is a solo doctor where you are affiliated with the individual doctor. The clinic collaborates with doctors Jesper R. Jørgensen and Susanne Sækmose on emergency telephone arrangements and holiday coverage.

The clinic is located in Enghavecentret at Enghavevej 11, 7100 Vejle.

The main entrance is located in the south-facing staircase towards the river. There is a disabled entrance with a lift at the west-facing staircase (at the bowling center).

It is possible to borrow a wheelchair from the clinic.

The clinic receives MobilePay and cash

The reception is open daily from 08:00 to 16:00.

Upon arrival, please register at our arrival terminal before taking a seat in the waiting room. You must always bring your health insurance card with you when you go to the doctor. If you have lost your health insurance card, or it has broken, you must contact your municipality to have it replaced.


Lægehuset, Doctor Lars Simmelkjær
Enghavevej 11, 1st floor 7100 Vejle
Tel. 75 82 03 61