A Town of Art and History, once appreciated by the writer Victor Hugo who sang its praises, the medieval town of Laon, flanked by seven kilometres of ramparts, contains over eighty listed or classified historical monuments.

Laon is a French commune , prefecture of the department of Aisne and therefore located in the Hauts-de-France region . Its inhabitants are called the Laonnois.

Fortified town on a plateau, boasting the largest conservation area in France (370 hectares), Laon has many monuments medieval , mansions and houses of xvi th , xvii th and xviii th  centuries many , especially in Sérurier, Saint-Jean, Saint-Cyr or Vinchon streets, veritable urban museums. Its basement is crisscrossed with underground passages, quarries and wells, the preservation of which is one of the current heritage issues. Located at its summit, its cathedral has earned it the nickname “Crowned Mountain”.

Evoking the city in a letter to his wife Adèle , Victor Hugo wrote that: “Everything is beautiful in Laon, the churches, the houses, the surroundings, everything…  ” .


Places and monuments 

Laon is classified as a city ​​of art and history . This is fully justified in view of the number of buildings and remarkable sites in the town, in particular on the Montagne de Laon. It is nicknamed The Crowned Mountain . In 2008, there were 68 buildings classified in the Register of Historic Monuments . Among the most remarkable monuments, we can point out:



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