Lens’ 14 – 18 Centre d’Histoire Guerre et Paix


The Memorial 14-18 History Center is a free interpretation center located in Souchez . It is dedicated to the events of World War in Artois and French Flanders.

The interpretation center presents the First World War on the soil of Nord and Pas-de-Calais. Using contemporary museographic techniques, he stages an exceptional collection of iconographic documents: animated maps, archival photographs, period films and emblematic objects from around the world. Resonating with the ring of memory (located 1.5  km away ), the interpretation center also includes a memory space that allows you to consult on tactile tablets the military files of the 579,606 names of soldiers who died on the ground of the Nord Pas de Calais between 1914 and 1918.  The collection includes over 5,000 photos and 60 hours of archival footage.


Lens’ 14 – 18 Centre d’Histoire Guerre et Paix
102 Rue Pasteur, Parking by “Chemin de Lens, 62153 Souchez
03 21 74 83 15