charming small town, flanked by wooded ridges and the bizarre summit formations of the Lienz Dolomites. A place of high quality of life, where “the South begins”. An urban and yet close-to-nature paradise where the sun frequently shines.

Lienz is a medieval town in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is the administrative centre of the Lienz district, which covers all of East Tyrol. The municipality also includes the cadastral subdivision of Patriasdorf.

Lienz is a town in the Tyrol region of Austria with a current population of 11,903 and lies at the confluence of the rivers Isel and Drava. Settlements have been present in the area of Lienz since the Bronze Age and has also seen Roman control under the Emperor Claudius.

Further on in history, Lienz was an important trade route between Venzone and Salzburg in the 1200’s and also saw French occupation during the 18th century.

Today it stands as a popular destination with its medieval style town centre and the amazing surrounding landscape of the Alps and Hohe Tauern National Park.

Discover Lienz…

Osttirodler Alpine Coaster

This fantastic attraction is located in the Moosalm Park which also has a variety of other activities too.

The rollercoaster itself features double carts which you can control the speed of yourself using the break lever.

Twist and turn down the track and enjoy the thrill of the ride and the amazing scenery around you.

With more than 2.5km of track and reaching speeds of up to 40kph the Osttirodler Alpine Coaster is a must do, unique attraction in Lienz.

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

The park is home to a wide variety of animals and plant species and has many different natural features from Glaciers to Alpine lakes and mountain panoramas.

The amount of hiking trails and nature walks are endless and there are many starting points and information boards near Lienz to help you on your way.

Notable features of the park include the Ankogel Mountain, the Tauern Window, the Krimmler Waterfalls and Pasterze Glacier.

The Hohe Tauern National Park is an alpine jewel and the perfect place for the adventurous type

Schloss Bruck (Castle)

This towering structure rises 711m above sea level and has a commanding position on the western side of Lienz next to the river Isel.

The castle has stood since the 13th century and was originally the residence of the counts of Gorz until it was handed over to the Habsburg Empire in the 1500’s.

Today the castle stands as a museum containing different art exhibitions and you can also walk around the castle grounds and admire the original battlements and architecture.

Wildpark Assling

Set in a wonderful location, you will see such animals as Wild Boar, Ibex, Lynx, Snakes, Birds of prey and Racoons and there are also certain opportunities to feed some of the animals by hand.

There is also a model railway and also the “Funbob” rollercoaster which has a similar style to the Osttirodler coaster. The Assling Wildpark is a great place to visit and could be made part of a day trip while exploring the Pusteral High Mountain Road.

The Dolomites rise like an amphitheatre around Lienz, which straddles the Isel and Drau Rivers just 40km north of Italy. Those same arresting river and mountain views welcomed the Romans, who settled here some 2000 years ago and whose legacy is explored at medieval castle Schloss Bruck and archaeological site Aguntum. Looking up to the blushing Dolomites at sunset, it’s easy to see why they were so taken with this region, which is an exclave of Tyrol.


This sublime swimming lake nestled on the slopes of the Lienz Dolomites is one of the most popular in the Tyrol region and draws a large amount of visitors annually.

There is a free shuttle bus from Lienz that operates at certain times; otherwise you would need a car as the lake is around a 15 minutes’ drive from the town centre.

The warm temperatures of the lake make it ideal for swimming, and there is also a fine walking path that travels the whole distance of the water.

There is also a campsite and a hotel on the shores of the lake, together with sunbathing areas and a small café that serves snacks and ice-creams.


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