Lieu d’art et action contemporaine de Dunkerque


The Dunkirk Contemporary Art and Action Center ( LAAC ), formerly the Dunkirk Contemporary Art Museum , is a contemporary art museum made up of a building and a sculpture garden.

At the heart of a garden of sculptures, water, stone and wind, in the immediate vicinity of the beach, the LAAC defies the sky with its astonishing architecture. Sparkling and joyful like the pop years, it keeps a very rich collection, mirror of the years 1945 to 1980. This one, rich in more than 1,500 pieces, paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, is presented cyclically in depending on the exhibition schedule.


Lieu d'art et action contemporaine de Dunkerque
Museum Directorate 302 avenue des Bordées 59140 Dunkerque
03 28 29 56 00