About school

The school was established in 1968 by a group of parents who wanted their children to go to a school that was characterized by democracy, togetherness and joy of life. They wanted the school to be a lush, current alternative to the primary school of the time with division of hours and subjects. At the time, they created their own school based on the time’s thoughts about the whole child, musical expression, play in the street, space for the time’s anti-authoritarian view of life – and not least the parents’ direct influence on their children’s schooling. 

The school’s teaching has changed in many areas since 1968, as society changes. The school’s pedagogy and direction is no longer a parental responsibility; today, the teacher group is responsible for the pedagogical development of the school’s teaching. We follow the pedagogical and political currents of the time and constantly assess whether the current trends will develop the teaching for the better here at our primary school – and we are not afraid to stop and choose to and from based on the primary school’s values. We have the freedom to go against the competitive pedagogy of the time and instead work from a pedagogy with community and action opportunities at the center and we do.

We are still a unique alternative to other schools: Today we are a school with strong professionalism in both the musical and the academic. A school that thinks creativity into all subjects, which spends time, energy and resources on children’s democracy and which values ​​a good children’s life with joy of life and desire to learn.

The small school in Copenhagen is a school under the Free School Act. This means that the children must be on a par with primary school when they leave us – and that we also have the freedom to choose which way the children get there.

It is the freedom that allows us to create a unique primary school with inspiring and relevant teaching.


Lindholmsvej 18 2700 Brønshøj