Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. d., Ljubljana


The company Ljubljanske Mlekarne was established in 1956 as a company of Glavna zadružna zveza Slovenije (Main Cooperative Union of Slovenia). In the beginning around 200 workers took care to provide 69 thousand litres of milk per day, which was bottled. A year later the company began the production of yoghurt, cream, cottage cheese and cheese. In 1958 Ljubljanske Mlekarne was the first company in the country to start the production of ice creams on a stick. The next significant year in the history of the company is 1967, when the production of the first long-life milk began in Slovenia. Over the following 50 years, Alpsko Mleko milk went on to become a cult Slovenian brand.

Since we started, we have followed and created new trends in the milk and dairy products market. Today, we are the leading dairy and the largest wholesaler of milk and dairy products in Slovenia. Of all the dairies in Slovenia, Ljubljanske Mlekarne purchases the largest volume of domestic milk from over 2,000 Slovenian farms. Using a tracking system, we can accurately identify the farm where the milk was produced for each milk tank. Moreover, we know everything about how our product was produced and the source raw material.

With well-presented and successful brands, such as Alpsko Mleko, Mu, Ego, Maxim Premium and Jošt, we are demonstrating our market focus. Our care for product safety and quality is part of our everyday life, and we constantly update our equipment and minimize our impact on the environment. In doing so, we are guided by the commitment of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. Our Slovenian customers are among our biggest fans, which is why we have been successful in maintaining our majority market share.

Our success relies on people – today, we have over 600 employees. As the largest dairy in Slovenia, we employ different profiles of people and offer them opportunities for further development. We are aware that capable, motivated and dedicated employees are a key factor that can establish a well-run company among the most successful.


Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. d., Ljubljana
Tolstojeva 63, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 1 5881 500