Logatec is a town in Slovenia. It is the seat of the Municipality of Logatec. It is located roughly in the centre of Inner Carniola, between the capital Ljubljana and Postojna. The town of Logatec has seen rapid industrial development and immigration since the completion of the nearby A1 motorway to the coast.

Country Slovenia
 • MayorBerto Menard
 • Total173.1 km  (66.8 sq mi)
Population (2002)
 • Total11,343
 • Density66/km  (170/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02 (CEST)

The name Logatec is of Celtic origin, probably derived from Celtic *longatis ‘ferryman, boatman’, from the Proto-Celtic word *longā ‘ship’, thus meaning ‘ferrymen’s settlement’. The name became Longaticum in Latin, which was borrowed into Slavic as *Lǫgatьcь.


Logatec Castle

The earliest mentions of the settlement are from Roman times (Roman way station Mansio Longatico). The vicinity of trade routes between the interior and the coast has always played an important part in the region. First the Roman road from Aquileia to Emona, and later the road to Trieste and the Southern Railway. Before the construction of railway line, the majority of the population made a living as teamsters.

The town of Logatec was formed by combining a number of former villages: Blekova Vas , Brod, Cerkovska Vas, Čevica, Dolenja Vas, Dolenji Logatec
Gorenja Vas, Gorenji Logatec, Mandrge, Martinj Hrib.


Because Logatec is made of what were originally separate settlements, there are a number of churches in what is now the town. The parish church is in the Dolenji Logatec area and is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It was first mentioned in written documents dating to 1526. From 1795 to 1803 a new church was built on the site. The church in the Čevica area is dedicated to Saint Joseph, and in Gorenji Logatec to the Virgin Mary.

Useful information

For any information regarding tourism in Logatec go to or ask:
Municipality of Logatec, Trzaska cesta 50 a, 1370 Logatec

00386 1 759 06 33, 00386 (0)51 353 916, 00386 (1) 759 06 00 

Licenced tourist guides are managing the turistic tours in Logatec.

Touristic tours are provided my the Guiding management of Municipality of Logatec, due to a legislation (Odlok o lokalnih turističnih vodnikih in turističnem vodenju v občini Logatec (Logaške novice 11/11)). 

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Prices of turistist tours:

1. The price of a programme up to max 2 hours::
– group up to 5 persons: 40 eur
– group up to 10 persons: 50 eur
– group up to 35 persons:  70 eur
– group up to 50 persons: 100 eur
– group up to 70 persons: 120 eur
2. Every extra hour: 25 eur.
3. Waiting fee: 15 eur/hour.
4. The fee for the trips that are booked on a day of visit: +25%.
5. Cancelation in less than 24 hour before start: 50 % of the calculated price.
6. Organized school groops (primary and secondary school) in Slovene language (inbetween Monday and Friday): 55 eur.
7. Guidance in language that it is not Slovene language: +50%.
8. Entrance fees and food and drinks are not included in a price.
9. A tour guide is paied 95% bruto of the calculated price.
10. Value added tax is not included in a price.


Poslovni čas:
Ponedeljek, torek ter četrtek: od 8-12 ter od 13-15 ure
Sreda: od 8-12 ter od 13-17 ure
Petek: od 8-13 ure

Kontakt: Darja Mlinar
Tel.: 01/ 75 90 614
e-naslov: darja.mlinar@logatec.si

Direktor Občinske uprave
Andrej Vrhunc
1. nadstropje, soba št. 122


Občina Logatec
Tržaška cesta 50 A p.p. 60 1370 Logatec