Innovation has a great history at Lohmann. Since its founding in 1851 the company can look back on numerous new developments and product launches. In the 1920s and 30s Lohmann made the headlines with the development of its innovative plaster bandages “Cellona” and “Porelast”. Especially the elastic plaster bandage “Porleast” revolutionized the market for wound care and still today is the basis for functional bandages.

In 1938 Lohmann started the production of double-sided adhesive tapes. This is still the core business and up until now Lohmann has applied for more than 1440 patents concerning adhesive bonding solutions. In 1951 the market for graphical products was opened. With the product range DuploFLEX® Lohmann extended her product portfolio to plate mounting tapes for the printing industry. The tried-and-tested DuploFLEX® 5 series has become an integral part of today’s printing industry. In the following years Lohman invented numerous other innovative bonding solutions like the mirror bonding tape DuploCOLL® 918, or double-sided adhesive tapes for external automotive components.

The development of elastic side panels for diapers, the so-called FlexEAR® EVOlution series, was another milestone in the history of the hygiene market. Lohmann’s latest innovation, though, are the Structural Bonding Films (SBF). They come into action when the borders of structural bonding need to be surpassed. The building of the new Technology-Center is Lohmann’s clear “yes” to a sustainable and innovative future.


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