Luminus (former names: Société productrice d’électricitéSPESPE-Luminus, and EDF Luminus) is the second largest electricity producer and energy supplier on the Belgian energy market. Its main shareholder is Électricité de France with a 68.6% stake.

Luminus sells electricity and gas to 1.8 million private and professional customers, bringing its commercial market share to more than 20%. The company has approximately 2,000 employees. With an installed generation capacity of 2,090 MW, the company accounts for 14% of the national electricity generation.

There are a variety of Luminus rate cards which often come with reductions for new customers. Thanks to these introductory promotions, customers are able to reduce their energy bill drastically in the first year. However, it is sensible to compare your gas and/or electricity offer againonce the temporary promotions have finished. 

All the Luminus electricity products have a gas equivalent with the same name:

  • Luminus Ecoflex
  • Luminus Essential
  • Luminus Click
  • Luminus Comfy
  • Luminus Optimal
  • Luminus Optifix
  • Luminus Basic
  • Luminus Home solutions : everything for your home


Luminus PB 48000 1000 Brussels
078 155 100