• is a Christian free school

     This means that we begin each day with common morning song, hear a story, and pray to our Father. All students get     through the teaching of Christianity a solid introduction to the foundations of the Christian faith based on the     biblical accounts. 

  • has students and teachers from folk church and free church background
  • has up to 23 students in each class
  • was established in 1988

Registration takes place at the school’s office. Note: we have waiting lists and therefore can not guarantee a place at the school Tuition fees for the school year 2020/21 per. month for 11 months (July is free of charge) 1st child ISK 1,350.2nd child ISK 1,075.3rd child SEK 675. Overview of prices in SFO school year 2020/2021

•  payment is made over 11 months – July is free of charge

• the  time in parentheses applies to Fridays

•  for the holiday, SFO is open the first two and last week of the summer holiday

•  you can choose to sign up for a holiday scheme from the start of the school year. Then you get the opportunity to use all 3 weeks – and pay a fixed monthly

  amount for 11 months  (you must pay from the start of the school year and the week up to the start of school is thus included in the holiday scheme)

NOTE regarding holiday scheme : you pay in this school year for week 32 in 2020 and 26 + 27 in 2021 

•  you can choose to pay for each week 

Morning opening 7.00 – 8.05                                                  free

Part-time place  13.10 – 15.00 or 3 days full-time                   DKK 925 per. month

Full-time place  13.10 -16.30 (15.30)                                 DKK 1,200 per month

Holiday scheme                                                                      DKK 170 per month

Payment per. holiday week                                                          1025  kr.Camp school payment 7 p.m. Copenhagen DKK 8008 p.m. Germany 800 kr.9 p.m. Trip abroad (USA) DKK 5,000. If the child is registered before 1 September, it is possible to apply for a subsidy for school fees and the after-school program Security deposit:DKK 200 is paid in administration fee for revaluation on the waiting list.
When the child is admitted to the school, DKK 1,000 is paid in, which is repaid when the student leaves the school and has returned the school’s books / materials. Note: if the student withdraws before school starts, the amount is considered a fee and will not be refunded.  Withdrawal from school and changes in sfo payment must be made 14 days before the month from which the withdrawal / change is to apply.


Lykkegårdsvej 75, 6000 Kolding