Magdeburg – a City Pulsating with Life
There are plenty of good arguments for the City of Otto as a top location

Magdeburg is an attractive major city that is an excellent place to live for all generations. Alongside its wide variety of cultural and leisure activities, sports and educational facilities and care and support services for children and young people, the metropolis known as the City of Otto also offers plenty of peace, quiet and relaxation thanks to its close proximity to the river Elbe and its many parks and green spaces.

The people of Magdeburg benefit from a well-developed network of healthcare facilities and social support, a comprehensive range of residential buildings and building plots and outstanding connections to local and long-distance transport routes and services. Excellent accessibility, a good infrastructure and two universities are just some examples of the many advantages of the City of Otto. In recent decades, the city has undergone extensive development and introduced a number of positive changes, above all in the fields of science, business and culture and most visibly with regard to its urban development.

In the past 25 years in particular, a large number of building projects have been completed in Magdeburg. The face of the city has been completely transformed and is still changing today. Magdeburg’s urban development has a large impact on the quality of life in the city and is an essential economic factor. Nowadays, the City of Otto is a progressive and cosmopolitan location that is a great place to live. There are countless arguments as to why Magdeburg is not only an excellent place to work, establish a company and make an impact, but also a location in which you can feel right at home.

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Discover Magdeburg, the City of Otto! Nowadays, the face ot the city of Magdeburg is not only characterised by impressive historic medieval buildings, quaint Baroque facades and monumental districts from the «Gründerzeit« period, but also by its modern architecture, for example a masterpiece by Friedensreich Hundertwasser: THE GREEN CITADEL OF MAGDEBURG.


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