Malatestiana Library


This immense structure in the centre of the historic old town of Cesena has been designated as part of the UNESCO World Register.

Also known as the Malatesta Novello Library, this public library was constructed in the 15th century and established a huge collection of literature over the subsequent years.

What makes this library so special is its decadent architecture and interior design – the reading room looks more like a religious building than a place of study.

Lined with beautiful arches, marble columns and fitted with old wooden reading pews, this is an absolutely stunning room.

The various doorways and entrances are also ornate and decorated with stucco artwork and pediments.

With over 400,000 books, this library is a cultural and educational trove.


Malatestiana Library
Piazza Bufalini, 1 47521 Cesena FC
0547 610892