Marcali is a town in Somogy county , the seat of the Marcali district .


  • Széchenyi Castle (now a hospital)
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Bernáth Gallery
  • Marcali Municipal Spa and Leisure Center
  • Marcali Museum
  • Marcali City Sports Hall
  • Dániel Berzsenyi City Library
  • Marcali District Court
  • Forgách cellar


It is located 14 km south of Lake Balaton , next to the main road 68 and the Somogyszob – Balatonszentgyörgy railway wing line No. 37 . (Passenger traffic on the line has been suspended since 13 December 2009.)

Prior to December 2014, Main Road 68 passed through downtown, but since then, the main road has avoided populated areas from the east; the old route through the city has since been numbered 682 as a secondary main road.

East, Lengyeltóti catchment area from the direction of ( Öreglak – Nikla side) of the 6704 road leading to the town of Nagykanizsa metro areas ( Zalakomár and Doves to) the 6805 Series trip starts from the western neighbor, Somogysámson and (annexed to the city, once a separate Horvátkút touching ) is available on road 6818 .

From the point of view of viticulture and winemaking, the settlement is part of the Balatonboglár wine region . 


Municipality of Marcali
H-8700 Marcali, Rákóczi u. 11.
+36 85 501 000