Maria Beatrice Hospital

  • Health Director: Dr. Eugenio Ceratti
  • President: Ettore Sansavini
  • Chief Executive Officer: Maura Cocchi
  • Total beds: 32
  • of which UTI: 5

Introduction to activities and equipment 

Maria Beatrice Hospital offers inpatient services with a continuous and daytime cycle for acute cases and provides outpatient services. The structure provides a Functional Surgical Organizational Area structured as follows:

  • Functional Unit of Orthopedics
  • Functional Unit of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

In addition, it includes the support services of:

  • Intensive Care, Anesthesia and Resuscitation
  • Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology Service)
  • Chemical-Clinical and Microbiological Analysis Laboratory

The wards, spread over three floors, are equipped with modern equipment capable of satisfying every primary need for diagnosis and treatment. 

In the operating sector there are two operating rooms, in which the sessions will take place without mixing and contemporaneity between the health activities of Orthopedics and Vascular Surgery on the one hand and Endovascular on the other.

The services of Orthopedic Surgery that are provided include:

  • for outpatient activity: carpal tunnel; snap fingers; hammer toes; Morton’s neuroma etc…;
  • for the activity in Day Surgery: knee arthroscopy; hallux valgus; flat foot etc…;
  • for the activity in ordinary hospitalization: shoulder arthroscopy; rotator cuff repair; anterior and posterior cruciate ligament repair; patella realignment; knee prosthesis; hip prosthesis; shoulder prosthesis; ankle prosthesis etc….

The services of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery that are provided include the carrying out in hospitalization of all arterial and venous Vascular Surgery interventions with particular reference to the following interventions:

  • carotid endarterectomy;
  • aorta-abdominal aneurysms;
  • aorto bisiliac bypass;
  • aorto bifemoral bypass;
  • femoro-popliteal bypass;
  • femoro-femoral bypass.

Continuity of care is guaranteed, according to current legislation, 24 hours a day through the continuous presence of medical and / or surgical staff during the day and night, depending on the type and complexity of the activity carried out.

Quality system

Maria Beatrice Hospital places the person at the center of its work and considers quality and safety a determining element of all activities.

Clinical risk management

Clinical Risk Management (GRC) represents the set of various actions implemented to improve the quality of healthcare services and patient safety, making it one of the priorities of all healthcare systems. Maria Teresa Hospital has adopted a corporate coordination system for the management of clinical risk and patient safety, defining roles and responsibilities, in line with the policies of the Tuscany Region, the integration of the general organizational requirements for institutional accreditation the lines operational defined by the Regional Center for Clinical Risk and Patient Safety (GRCT).

The structure has also adopted tools for the collection, identification, analysis and assessment of riskand dissemination of information relating to the prevention of accidents as well as a system for collecting data relating to claims and litigation.
The commitment to patient safety is reflected in the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • identify the risks of accidents that can harm patients;
  • carry out risk analysis and assessment by identifying the most serious criticalities and errors 
  • adopt adequate prevention measures to cope with the risks identified;
  • coordinate with the Regional Center for Clinical Risk to adopt shared practices and procedures aimed at the prevention of adverse or sentinel events.

Among the various activities undertaken, Maria Teresa Hospital joined the targeted plan on the prevention of hospital infections with the aim of promoting hand hygiene for healthcare workers, patients and their families by introducing the use of alcoholic gel in all departments.

Since an active and aware role of patients in defining clinical and care procedures favors greater attention to risk prevention, the members of the Working Group are available to listen to the opinions and / or requests of the patients regarding the safety of care given. The training and updating of the staff involved in the management of clinical risk and patient safety will be an integral part of the annual training plan.

Research and health care

As part of the hospital care optimization activities, the following were set up:

  • The Committee for the fight against hospital infections in order to prevent hospital infectious risk, carry out research and lifelong training and acquire new knowledge, with the primary objective of raising the quality of care.
  • The Scientific Committee guarantees that the research activity is carried out in accordance with the provisions of current legislation and in any case in full compliance with the will of the user; it also favors the continuous updating of health professionals.
  • The Drug Commission promotes the adoption of guidelines for the correct use of drugs as well as the optimization of their use.
  • The Painless Hospital Committee to ensure a specific observatory of perioperative pain management. It coordinates the action of the different teams in relation to analgesic therapy procedures and ensures the continuous training of medical and non-medical personnel. It promotes suitable interventions to ensure the availability of analgesic drugs, in particular opioids, in line with the indications provided by the WHO, also ensuring the periodic evaluation of their consumption. It promotes treatment protocols for different types of pain, noting their effectiveness.
 Maria Beatrice Hospital adheres to:
  • AIOP – Italian Association of Private Hospitals – which represents over 500 private nursing homes in Italy
  • Association of Industrialists of Florence


Founded in Florence in 1974, Maria Beatrice Hospital has been part of GVM Care & Research since 1988. Today it is a hospital structure dedicated to Orthopedic Surgery and Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, accredited with the National Health Service.


Maria Beatrice Hospital
Via Alessandro Manzoni, 12, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy