Martfű is a town in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, in the Northern Great Plain region of central Hungary.

Natural treasures 

The entire floodplain of the Tisza is protected, it is part of the Middle Tisza Landscape Protection Area .

The natural treasures of Martfű are the smaller amount of natural gas, which is produced by a gas well drilled in 1987 , and the thermal water of about 60 ° C, which feeds the city’s hot water beach. The fluoride content of sodium bicarbonate and chloride iodine thermal water is also significant. In the quiet green area of ​​Martfű, between the river Tisza and the sports complex, there is the spa, which was completely renovated in 2007 and is part of the Martfű Health and Recreation Center.


  • Castle hotel
  • Cultural Center and Library
  • Local history exhibition: The history of the Martfű shoe factory
  • St. Stephen’s Square and surroundings:
    • Town Hall: built between 1993 and 1996.
    • Roman Catholic Church: built between 1993 and 1996 , based on the plans of Gábor Marosi.
    • Reformed Church: also built between 1993 and 1996.
    • Statue of St. Stephen: The work of Ferenc Gyurcsek.
    • Time Gate: also made by Ferenc Gyurcsek in 2000 , in honor of the Millennium .
    • Monument from 1848–49: also the work of Ferenc Gyurcsek.
  • Martfű Spa, Swimming Pool and Camping



It was basically established as an industrial city. The settlement is dominated by light industry. The city has 4 major defining industrial facilities:

  • Shoe Factory: It was established in 1941–42 by the Czech company Bata as Cikta Shoe Factory. In the decades of the Kádár era , it developed into the largest shoe factory in the country under the name Tisza Shoe Factory .
  • Martfű Brewery : Built in 1985, the surrounding businesses, TSZs, ÁFÉSZs, etc. but closed by the end of 2018. 
  • Vegetable oil factory: built between 1976-80. It mainly processes sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans grown in the Great Plain.
  • The plants of the Tisza Industrial Plant, Tisza Cipő Zrt .: There are several industrial plants and service providers in the industrial plant. 


The soil conditions of the settlement are extremely favorable for crop production. The most significant are the cultivation of cereals, industrial crops (e.g. sunflowers for the vegetable oil plant) and field vegetables. In addition, there is also seed production, herb production and organic farming.

In addition to these, of course, there are also many smaller businesses and industrial plants in the settlement.


Mayor of Martfű Dr. Papp Antal
06 20 / 951-4331