Medzilaborce is a town in northeastern Slovakia close to the border with Poland, located near the towns of Sanok and Bukowsko (in southeastern Małopolska). Its population is approximately 6,500.


It is an administrative and cultural centre of the Laborec Region. A train line connects it with the town of Humenné to the south and with Poland to the north. The private sector and service industries are developing quickly in the town at the moment.

It is home to the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, opened in 1991, which contains many artworks and effects of Andy Warhol and of his brother Paul and nephew James Warhola. Warhol’s mother, Julia Warhola, was born and lived with her husband in the village of Mikó (today Miková), 17 kilometres (11 miles) to the west.

Medzilaborce is situated in one of the least developed regions of Slovakia. There are three churches in the town.


City parts:

The town of Medzilaborce lies in the valley of the Laborec river in north-eastern Slovakia. The hills of the surrounding Laborec Highlands are typical of this countryside.

Economy and infrastructure

From 1970s it had been a branch of Jablonecke sklarne which had employ approximately 600 people in the glass industry. Company has stop its operations after privatization. Glass LPS has been now a follower of 45 years old tradition in glass industry in Medzilaborce and still manufacture crystal chandeliers and grind crystal trimmings.

In machinery industry in Medzilaborce it was Transporta, later Vihorlat which had 1200 employees. Privatization and crises had destroyed the whole factory. Nowadays companies Kovostroj and Labstroj continue in machinery industry.


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