Mezőtúr is a town in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county in Hungary, located southeast from Budapest and 88 miles away by rail. It possesses important potteries. Large herds of cattle are reared on the communal lands, which are productive also of wheat, rapeseed and maize. Several well-attended fairs are held here annually.





  • 1956 monument (by Sándor Györfi )
  • World War I memorial
  • World War II memorial


Mezőtúr City Bath and Indoor Swimming Pool



Mezőtúr has a long tradition of pottery . Today’s potters also preserve local traditions. 

Tour Fair 

Every year, on the first weekend of August, the traditional Túr Fair is held and since 2002 the Mezőtúr Art Days (arTúr Festival). 

Community House 

Organizing programs, events, providing opportunities for the activities of civic communities in the field of sports and culture. 

Fine Arts Creative Colony 

The international fine art colony has been operating on the banks of the Holt-Körös since 1981 . 

Folk music

The folk traditions preserved in the Mezőtúri Rainbow Folk Music Association, which was founded in 1998. He is the maintainer of the Rainbow Zither Orchestra  ( 1970 ), the Tücsök and Méhecske zither orchestras, and the organizer of 2-3 folk music events a year. He was a supporter of the zither orchestras of Iringó ( 1996 ) and Lókötők ( 2004 ) during their active operation. The association works closely with the Lajos Bárdos Primary School of Art. In order to continue the folk music traditions, it maintains a public cultural agreement with the city government.

Wind music

The Mezőtúr Youth Wind Orchestra was founded in 1991 in Mezőtúr within the walls of today’s Lajos Bárdos Primary Art School under the leadership of Professor József Szúnyogh, which nurtured old and new wind orchestra traditions.

The band’s previous conductors were:

  • József Szúnyogh
  • Csaba furrier
  • Debrecen Örs
  • Katona Tiborné

RE * FLEX BAND was formed in August 2009 from the Mezőtúr Youth Wind Orchestra. Its members are the 20 enthusiastic young people who see music, wind music as a way of life. After their formation, they set themselves the goal of presenting wind music to the general public from a different perspective. Initially, so-called Flex-Band and Young-Band ensembles were given performances, but today they also play Transert Band and Marching Band transcripts. Their repertoire consists mainly of pop , rock , Latin, film and dance music re-arranged for wind orchestra from the 60s to the present day . These include The Doors , Aerosmith , Nickelback, Lady Gaga , Michael Jackson , Adele , Jon Bon Jovi , Linkin Park , The Black Eyed Peas , Cee Lo Green s and other other adaptations. The ensemble gives stage concerts at festivals, city events and individual invitations. 

Choral culture 

PETŐFI DALKÖR It acts as the successor of the Mezőtúr Dalárda, founded on May 10, 1873. From the beginning to 2003, the main stages and results of their activities are summarized in a separate publication issued on the occasion of the 130th anniversary. The Petőfi Song Circle operates as an adult mixed choir, whose members are active workers, retirees and high school students.

The current staff is 25-30 people. The choir itself is the holder of several quality awards, gold diplomas and recognitions, has given several independent museum concerts in the capital, and is a regular participant in county choir meetings. Extensive musical exchanges are maintained with choirs from several settlements. They have represented our city and Hungary abroad on several occasions. In 2008, a 135th and then 140th anniversary of the formation of the song circle was also celebrated with a large-scale choral concert. On the 135th anniversary, they chose Sándor Kávási as their inherited conductor, who led the song circle for almost 60 years. Since 2008, the choir has been led by Krisztina Karsai, who has sung in the group before.


The chamber choir was formed around 2007 from graduate students from Kossuth. Our activity is artistic. Our goal is to promote the world-famous Hungarian choral art with our concerts, domestic and foreign performances.

With the exception of political events, we are happy to take part in any cultural or family celebrations.

Once a week we hold one and a half hour choir rehearsals, on occasions where the choir is almost never together, as many people do not live a lifestyle in the city. They are less likely to try, but we can still count on them every month. We try to be present at the performances despite all the difficulties. Despite the difficult test conditions, we have nice results:

Festivals, events

City Day 

Mezőtúr Art Days – arTúr Festival 

Tour Fair 

East Fest 

Since the summer of 2012, the East Fest music festival has been held in Mezőtúr , where, in addition to the live music stage, the leading representatives of Hungarian light music life will perform in a hip-hop and an electronic venue . In addition to the campsite, the fact that the festival is hosted by the City Beach Bath, where one of the largest and oldest international music festivals in the country, the WAN2 Festival, took place for 14 years, also contributes to the real summer life . EAST FEST is not a sequel to WAN2, just the venue is the same, but the atmosphere is increasing year by year.


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