Michael Kaltoft and Jens Birk Rosbach Clinic


About the clinic
Michael Kaltoft and Jens Birk Rosbach are general practitioners in company as of 1 September 2010.

We have entered into collaborative practice with 2 other clinics with now a total of 7 regular doctors on Ny Vestergade 1, 1st floor, 6000 Kolding.

We currently have 3 employees who handle many functions.

The nurse conducts independent consultations e.g. vaccinations, wound treatment, throat swabs, blood tests, urine tests, smoking cessation interviews, lung function tests, ECG (Electro-Cardiological Examination) and Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Asthma / COPD checks etc.

The secretary conducts independent consultations in the form of CRP (infection rate), throat swabs, measurement of Blood Sugar and Blood Percentage, urine (and stool) examinations, ECG, certain vaccinations and various other blood tests.

There is a high degree of service and professionalism (continuously developed) among our employees.

In the clinic, we occasionally have educational doctors: GPs who complete their rotation in practice after the hospital part. Introductory doctors who have completed their rotation and are on their way into specialist medical training. Amanuensis doctors who are in the process of their specialist training.

terminal  Upon arrival at the clinic, please primarily report your arrival with your health insurance card (at the “arrival terminal” right inside the door).

It is important to bring the health insurance card, it is a requirement from the health insurance, and it is considered a signature on attendance, as the card reader registers that you have been met.

It is also of great practical importance in connection with the correct settlement of the appointment list. There will be a “red dot” so we can see that you have arrived when you use the health insurance card

Entering your social security number on the arrival terminal does not count as a signature, but it gives a “red dot”.

Appointment, prescription renewal and test results via the website
It is possible to book time for non-urgent consultations, renew prescriptions, ask simple health questions and get test results (answers to X-rays, vaccinations, urine tests, blood tests, etc.). Click on the menu item Contact the clinic.
You must start by logging in and registering as a user.
If the inquiry concerns a child, the child must be created as a user.
Then follow the instructions for use carefully and remember all points

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Ift. our email correspondences, you can not always count on getting replies the same day. In the worst case, it can take up to 5 days. If you have an urgent problem, it is important that you call our secretary instead of writing so that we can take care of the problem in a timely manner.
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Physical access to the clinic 
People with disabilities, physically weak elderly and other people with reduced mobility are guaranteed access to the clinic, and the clinic is designed so that it is possible to move around in the clinic.


Remember your health insurance card when visiting a doctor (and when visiting a Nurse or Medical Secretary, for example for vaccinations and blood tests).

It is important that time is booked for the right person – e.g. to his child, if it is he who must have the time.

The health insurance requires that the health insurance card is presented on arrival – “use the arrival terminal” – run the card through and the terminal will welcome you “Welcome”. This acts as a signature that you have been in the consultation that day (entering the pernumber on the terminal does not). In case of problems: Ask the Staff.

If you have questions yourself when you are with another person at the doctor, you must also present your own health insurance card.

(It is a good idea to set up the children on the “E-portal / Self-service” and book appointments and write about any questions / order medicine in their social security numbers. Then it will be written in their journal, which is legally most correct.

It is also the children’s health insurance card that must be used when reporting your arrival at the “arrival terminal” if it is the children who have the time)

Reception : Only if you need to talk to a secretary, please contact the reception.

Waiting time
We strive to ensure that there is no significant waiting time for the consultations, but there may be delays (eg sudden illness) for various reasons. We hope for your understanding.


Michael Kaltoft and Jens Birk Rosbach Clinic
New Vestergade 1, 1st floor 6000 Kolding
75 53 11 53