Monti d.o.o. Zvornik


The offer of the company “Monti” d.o.o. includes:

  • All types of cables, manufacturers: “Kapis”, “Zdenka”, “FKS”, “FKZ”, “MAINHART”, etc .; as well as all cable accessories and equipment!
  • All types of fuses (automatic, fused, blade and other fuses), manufacturers: “Minel”, “Iskra”, “XBS”, etc.!
  • Electroporcelain, bimetals, contactor program, protective switches and the like, manufacturers: “Iskra”, “Končar”, “ELKO”, etc!
  • Lighting (reflector, street, professional, decorative, office lighting, lamps with protection for various working conditions, etc.), manufacturers: “MINEL Schreder”, “INTRA lighting”, etc!
  • Switches, household and industrial sockets, plugs, plugs, built-in and built-in program and all for home installations of all types, manufacturers: “Metalka Majur”, “Nopal”, “Aling Conel”, etc.
  • Rubber and rubber technical goods, manufacturer: “CONTINENTAL-Contitech”,
  • Measuring and regulating equipment, manufacturers: “Endress Hauser”, “SMAR”, etc.
  • Various sheet metal distribution and control cabinets, all types of tools: cutting tools, grinding tools, and all related consumer goods: clamps, rails, extension cables, all types of pedals, heaters, ducts, pvc and metal hoses, etc.
  • Equipment for boiler plants (burners, boilers, pipes, insulation, etc.),
  • DEVIX, facade, roof and other panels filled with stone wool or polystyrene.

“We can proudly say that our work so far has resulted in a high level of respect shown by some of the largest companies in the region, which are also among the largest in BiH. Our best reference is the large number of regular customers who see us as an extremely reliable partner. to which the cooperation, to the mutual satisfaction, has lasted for years “, they state in the company” Monti “.

Some of the permanent partners of the company “Monti” d.o.o. Zvornik are RiTE “Ugljevik” a.d. Ugljevik, RiTE “Gacko” a.d. Gacko, Mixed Holding “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” a.d. Trebinje, Glinica Factory “Birač” a.d. Zvornik, Bauxite mines “Milići” a.d. Milići, Rudnik Olova i Cinka “Sase” a.d. Srebrenica, Factory of brick products “Novi Izvor” a.d. Zvornik, “CIMOS” d.o.o. Srebrenica, Galvanizing Factory a.d. Srebrenica and Foundry of Non-Ferrous Metals “11. Mart” a.d. Srebrenica, and the list of partners is in constant expansion.


Monti d.o.o. Zvornik
Karakaj bb 75 400 Zvornik