Mostecký kahan microbrewery


About the history of brewing in Most

The royal city of Most has had the right to brew beer since the Middle Ages. It was granted to him in 1273 by King Přemysl Otakar II. and its production at that time was one of the leading city privileges. In the almost two-kilometer circuit, a ban on further brewing of beer was even issued at that time, and all local inns were allowed to tap only the golden liquor produced in the local brewery. In 1902, the brewery was already one of the largest in Bohemia, and beer was brewed there continuously until 1988. After World War II, the brewery began production again and even expanded it. He included non-alcoholic beverages in his assortment.

After the decision to liquidate the old town, a new brewery was built in Sedlec. The production of several types of beer and a large amount of soft drinks lasted until 1998, when the brewery closed permanently. Most brewers, traders and pubs agreed that it was a pity that the city lost its brewery. Fortunately, this is not forever and the brewing industry has found its way to the Most region.

Mostecký kahan microbrewery

The Mostecký kahan mini-brewery continues the tradition of brewing beer in the old Most. It was built in November 2009 and can be found in the building of the Kosmos cinema in Most. When you visit, you will breathe a pleasant atmosphere and inside, of course, you will come across large-capacity beer tanks in which beer is stored. A surprise for someone can also be a brewery, which is located directly in front of the visitors of the restaurant.

In the interior, however, there is not only a brewery, there is also a restaurant with a terrace and a children’s corner. The restaurant’s menu focuses on dishes to which beer simply belongs. Visitors to the restaurant may be surprised by the location of the brewery in the restaurant. However, the location of the brewery is intentional. While enjoying a good meal, you can watch how the beer you are enjoying is being prepared.

What you will find on the pin

Lovers of golden liquor will enjoy the permanent offer of three twelve-degree beers. These are light, semi-dark and dark lager. But beer specials are a matter of course. Various types such as wheat, smoked, Munich beer, IPA and others alternate here. Especially in summer, you will also find fruit beers on the menu, such as raspberry, cherry or blueberry. And since it is a Most brewery, the names of individual beers are adapted to that. You can order a beer called Master Edward Kelley or Goodbye God!

See Minipivovar Mostecký kahan

Those interested in a more thorough knowledge of the brewery and how beer is actually brewed in such a mini-brewery can use the option of a guided tour. The local brewer will take you through the entire brewery, so you will be able to see its “behind the scenes”. During the tour you will get acquainted with the process of beer production and you will learn a lot of interesting information. Of course there is also a beer tasting directly from the tank.

If you are interested, it is necessary to book tours at least a week in advance. You can come to walk through the brewery with the brewer from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 16:00. You have the opportunity to arrange another date, but here it depends on the workload of the brewer.


Mostecký kahan microbrewery
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