Mount Vesuvius


Towering over the surrounding countryside, Mount Vesuvius is a legendary volcano that was responsible for the destruction and burial of both Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD. This immense monolithic volcano has an elevation of 1281m and is entitled as a somma-stratovolcano.

Whilst driving practically anywhere in Naples and the surrounding region you cannot fail to miss this huge natural wonder.

It is possible to hike to the top of Vesuvius or alternatively there are many tours providers that offer guided jeep excursions or 4×4 quad bike rides.

Standing on the top of the caldera of the volcano is a truly impressive thing to witness – on a clear day you can see for miles.

Vesuvius National Park

The territory of the Vesuvius National Park is rich in natural resources, history of volcanology, breath-taking landscapes, age-old cultivations and traditions that make the Vesuvius area one of the most fascinating and most visited places in the world.

The Vesuvius National Park was officially founded on 5th June 1995 to preserve animal and plant species, plant and forest associations, geological singularities, paleontological formations, biological communities, biotopes, scenic values, natural processes, the hydraulic and hydrogeological balance and the ecological balance of the Vesuvius territory.


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