Musée du Jouet de Colmar


The museum’s toy is a museum dedicated to toys and games, xix th  century to today. It opened in 1993 in a former neighborhood cinema and exhibits more than 1,000 toys on three levels of visit.

On three levels the universes merge; old toys alongside cartoon characters; Old bears to the first Barbie dolls through video games, Playmobil , scale models, robots or small trains, the toys and games on display come from all over the world and belong to different generations of children. Curiosity of the museum, a network of trains extends over the whole of the second floor. Large format board games, puppet show and video consoles. There are also tin soldiers, Meccano constructions , Bella dolls and even Liebherr cranes .


Musée du Jouet de Colmar
40 Rue Vauban, 68000 Colmar, France
+33 3 89 41 93 10